5 Top Reasons to Sell Your Home

Selling a house and moving on is one of the most hectic and emotionally charged things we can do, and when I ask people about the most stressful moments in their lives, selling a property is near the top!

A big part of that stress is knowing when to sell, so I’ve put together this blog outlining 5 top reasons to sell your home. Of course, no one can tell you when its time to sell – only you know when you’re ready – but this article lays out 5 top reasons as a way of helping you decide.

Your family has outgrown your current house

If you have added to your family or plan to add to your family, congratulations! There are few things more satisfying than growing your family and having the right home to share all those magic milestones is essential. If your current home is simply too small and you aren’t able to renovate to add more room, then it’s time to sell and look for a house that’s bigger.

You may also wish to move on if aspects of your house just aren’t practical for children, say if its in an apartment building and you’re after a property with a large outdoor area for all those family games.

Empty nesters – time to downsize

Those of you who now have grown children may be experiencing the flipside to the previous reason. With the kids moved out, it’s likely that you’re feeling your house is now too big and unfeasible for you and your partner. You don’t need all those bedrooms and extra living space – who wants to do all that cleaning! You’re probably sick of having keep your huge back yard tidy and are ready for a property that requires less maintenance.

Though this can be a difficult and emotional decision, the empty nester stage is a great time to rethink your needs, both now and in the future. It’s a good idea to list all the things you’d both like in your new, smaller home in an area that suits you both better.

Lifestyle changes

Aside from children arriving or leaving, there are other lifestyle changes that may mean it’s time to sell up and move on.

No one likes to think about divorce or death, but major changes like this often create a need to sell your property. More positive reasons for selling are wanting to move to an area that suits your lifestyle better. A good example of this is when people need to move to an area that’s zoned for a specific school and handy to the kids’ after school activities.

If you live in town, you may want to move to rural or coastal property, and enjoy the lifestyle these locations bring.

Retirement is also a great time to sell your home as you may also find yourself with different housing needs. Whether you want to move to be closer to family, or to an area where the pace of life is more suited to you, there are many reasons for needing to cash up and move on.

No more value to be added

If you’re a keen DIYer, then you’ll know the most important rules of property renovation: don’t overcapitalise. There’s only so much you can do to a property before you start to improve it beyond its resale value, thus risking any financial gain you may make.

If you’ve bought your current house with a view to doing it up and selling for a profit and you’ve done as much renovation as you can possibly do, then it’s a good time to move on to your next renovation project.

You’re just ready for a change

The previous four reasons for selling a home are quite clear cut and straightforward, but you’d be surprised at how many people are simply ‘over it’ and ready to move on. It may be that there’s something about the house that you just don’t like. If it’s something that can’t be fixed through renovation or revamping the interior design, then it’s time to sell up and look for a house that ignites your passion again.

When you feel you’ve made your decision, the next step is to get your property ready to sell. You can read my blog on this topic to get lots of tips and tricks that will put you in a great position to sell your home.

If you fall into one or more of these top reasons for selling your home, get in touch with me today for a no obligation chat. I’m happy to talk you through your options for selling and to help you find a new property that meets your current needs.

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