Discover Whangarei: Exploring Its Go-To Places

Whangarei is the perfect place for people nearing retirement and those who wish to do exciting adventures. Only a two-hour drive from Auckland, this northern-most subtropical city of New Zealand is rich in culture and natural beauty.

To help you get a glimpse of Whangarei, we’ve listed down a few must-go-to places when in this majestic city.

Our top spot go-to place is its six picturesque waterfalls. That’s right! There are not just one, two, or even three, but six waterfalls located in the Whangarei District: Whangarei Falls, Piroa Falls, Wairua Falls, Paranui Falls, Raumanga Falls, and Taheke Falls. One will never run out of falls to visit. You can just imagine pleasantly walking through Whangarei’s native forest and summit and then being mesmerized by the scenic views of its falls in all their glory. A blessed city indeed.

Another go-to place in Whangarei is the Waipu Museum. Of course, what better way to know the city and its history than going to its award-winning and UNESCO Memory of the World-registered Museum. It boasts their newest building which is “The House of Memories,” archiving all historical records, clothing, furniture, and anything used by the ancestors. Thegreat migration story cannot be left unnoticed when you visit the Waipu Museum. Here, you get to know how and when Waipu came about, all from the 900 highlanders who immigrated.

If you’re a diver or a beach-loving individual, Whangarei prides itself on the Tutukaka Coast. Feel the sand between your toes with its spectacular beaches and experience world-class diving at Poor Knights Islands. Interacting with the locals has never been more accessible with Whangarei’s finest and friendliest dive charter operators.

Lastly, secure great finds at Whangarei’s local markets, like the famous Artisan Market located at the city’s tourist hub. This market has an array of handicrafts, fine arts, artisan products that you could keep for your own. If you fancy authentic and traditionally-made crafts, then this place might just be for you. You don’t necessarily have to be a tourist to appreciate items in this market. Even locals embrace their products!

These are just some of the few go-to places at Whangarei. For sure, a lot more is left to explore.

If all these seem enticing, consider Whangarei to be your new home. Whether you are just jumpstarting your career or nearing your retirement years, living in a thriving city filled with either adventure or relaxation is the ideal!

If you’re ready to flip another page of your life, get in touch with a trusted real estate professional in Whangarei.
It sure is more than just a stopover. It could be your new home. Contact Louise Payne now!

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