First Questions to Ask a Whangarei Real Estate Agent

Finding yourself a new home is, in fact, an investment. It’s not an overnight decision. It takes time and effort to find the perfect home in the perfect location. Of course, you first need to do some research, contemplation and even seek some advice from your friends. Trust us, you do not want to get into a “I made a huge mistake” situation.  

Whilst I will be working on your behalf to sell your existing home, I am also available to answer any questions, queries or concerns you might have about your new possible purchase. Asking the right questions will prevent you from investing huge amounts of money in something that you might regret later. 

As a Whangarei Real Estate Agent whose been in the market over 15 years, I recommend asking the following: 


Establishing a strong foundation with a client I believe is one of the topmost priorities of real estate agents and gaining the trust of their clients is just one of them. Perhaps we can assume this is their form of “investment.” For you to know whether your real estate agent is genuine in his/her approach, you may try these questions: 

1.      How long have you been a full-time agent? 

Now take note of the usage of the word “full-time” in the question. While there is nothing wrong with being a part-time agent, arranging the selling of properties is ideal for a full-time job. This gives the notion that the agent has invested more time and effort in pitching you the properties at hand. This gives you more assurance that the agent is focused. 

2.      Could you show me a list of your referrals? 

Asking for a list of referrals says so much about what the agent’s former clients have to say about them. Like how a license should be presented as proof of their credibility, a list of referrals follows. By doing so, you’ll know the trust rate of other clients, which will put you at ease as a seller.  

3.      How long has this property been on the market?  

While you’re at it, you could also ask the average days of their listings in the market. You may want to know how well they hammer away as an agent. If your prospect property and/or other properties in their list sit too long in the market, you may want to seek an explanation, and if they cannot justify, then you might find yourself raising a brow.  

4.      Are there any issues or seller’s disclosures about the property? 

When looking for a property, asking about the property’s issues is a must. Asking for disclosures will let you know what is going on with your potential home before making the offer. Another way to help you know about the property is to ask for the building inspection report. 

5.      Tell me something about the neighborhood. 

This question is just another way of asking, “How well do you know the place?” Now, this is important as you will be able to assess whether your prospect agent does his research and is indeed invested in his craft. If they do not know much about the neighborhood, how can you place your trust in them when they say the property is a good buy? An agent who has experience in your chosen community is a huge advantage—even better if he/she has sold several properties within the area. 

Also, you will also get to have a glimpse of how your mornings will be like and if you’ll have a friendly neighborhood. You can also do the extra research by searching social media reviews and seeing any neighborhood issues that may serve as a red flag. 

6.      Could you show me the ratio between your buyers and sellers? 

This is pretty simple. Check if the agent’s buying list exceeds that of his selling. It is better off at disposal and much beneficial to see that there is a network of genuine and eager buyers. That gives us an idea that your agent knows the job and is consistent in building trust amongst its buyers. 

7.      What’s included in the sale? 

It is very important to know some of the inclusions that come with the offer. Is the property fully furnished? Are there any appliances? These matters can’t be set aside as you are bound to close a deal for your own comfort.  

While there are plenty more questions you can ask your agent, the seven questions will help you get to know your agent better as well as your prospective property at hand. This is one way to ensure your investment turns out to be a good investment.  

If you are seeking fair and focused real estate agentsLouise Payne has the best property management experts in Whangarei. Our hardworking agents are selected based on their ethical conduct, commitment to excellence, and superior local knowledge of the properties. We make sure that you will always be our priority.

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