Get a Great Price for your Home in Whangarei

Do you know how to set a price tag on your house before you put it up for sale on the ‘Whangarei Real Estate’ market? 

Getting the price just requires expertise and exposure to real estate trends. You can’t go about it on pure guesswork. Pricing your home is a move you shouldn’t take lightly; it’s an important decision that will determine how much cash is in your pocket. Undervalue and you will lose potentially tens of thousands. Overvalue and your home will stagnate. 

How to Price a Whangarei House for Sale? 

Weigh your options and know where your house sits on the price scale. What may seem a reasonable price for you, may come off as a hefty price tag for your target buyers. Equally the same can be true. Going too high on the price will not do you any favors, and it won’t get your phone ringing, but pricing your home too low means you’ll lose a good opportunity to earn from your investment.  

Understandably, as a homeowner, you want the most money you can get for your home, and that’s quite possible when you have a qualified Whangarei real estate expert to help you get sorted. 

As an expert real estate agent in Whangarei, I know the local market very well, its ups and downs, and how buyers decide on purchasing a home. As much as it’s about location, sometimes it’s also about timing. Certain months have peak home viewings and have people from city areas visiting Whangarei neighborhoods in search of their dream home. With over 15 years real estate expertise, I’m in a relatively good position to price your property. However, this isn’t a task I take lightly. I research and provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) so we can bring your home as close to the ideal market value as possible. Not too much or too little, but just right. Whatever the market conditions, I can ensure the right sale process is followed to maximise your properties value. Whether Whangarei Central, Kamo or Tikipunga, I know the real estate market. 

That said, you can reap huge financial returns when you work with a real estate agent that has a clear footing on the local market and knows the real estate condition of the area that drives home sales.  If you call me today, we can discuss specific pricing and selling strategy that works for you! Let me know more about your home and your goals as a seller. I can even undertake a no obligation appraisal, and like my competitors I wont chase you to list your asset or hassle you whilst you decide. Equally you can trust if I am selected, I will always act in your best interests. 

Your Home Improvement Choices can sell your House Fast 
Investing some money in improving your home won’t hurt. A small paint job, home cleaning, and a bit of landscaping can go a long way towards making your home’s appearance pleasant for buyers. A few dollars spent can equate to big returns on selling. 

True enough, these minor renovations are a must to improve the appearance of your house. However, if you are selling a fixer-upper, most homeowners would opt to sell the property ‘as is’ if they find renovating quite a challenge. Fixer-upper homes often cost a lot to repair and renovate. 

Still, a seasoned real estate agent will advise you to do the much-needed renovations and proper home staging to sell the property faster, and all at a good price. After all, a visually appealing home can attract higher offers from the best buyers.  

Get that ‘For Sale’ sign flipped to SOLD!  
Finding a trustworthy real estate agent in Whangarei need not be a gamble, get the quality service you deserve. Choose the best real estate agent in Whangarei – get in touch with Louise Payne today! Call 09 435 3511 or message me 021 432 743.  

If you have specific questions about Whangarei real estate and would prefer to email: 

Louise Payne is the Whangarei real estate professional you can trust. 

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Stay up to date with my latest news and listings.