Moving to a New House With Pets

Moving to a new house with pets – our top tips

There are few experiences in life as stressful as moving  and moving to a new house with pets takes it to a whole new level! We humans can’t explain to our fur babies what’s happening, and while we find the experience exciting as well as nerve-wracking, pets only find the whole process traumatic.

In my time as a real estate agent, I’ve seen many happy clients move into their brand-new homes without making property provision for their animals. Cats in particular find any change to their surroundings unsettling, and I’ve seen clients heartbroken when their cats run away.

If you’re about to move to a new house and you’re worried about how your pets will cope, I’ve put together a few tips to help you make their transition to the new house a hassle-free one.

Dogs vs cats

Along with their many other differences, dogs and cats react differently to stressful situations.

Any changes in their environments such as packing and furniture removal can cause an animal to become stressed and anxious.

While dogs usually stick close to their owners when they’re unsure of what’s going on around them, cats are another kettle of fish altogether. When faced with a stressful situation many cats will flee.

Preparation – have a plan for your pets before moving day

My first tip is: don’t leave preparing your pets for moving until the last minute.

Have a plan in place for what you’re going to do with your pet when packing and furniture removal starts to ensure they’re safe and happy.

Pets can become unsettled watching you pack clothes as they associate that activity with you leaving them for periods of time, so keeping an eye on your fur babies is a must.

Moving day

Moving day is a frightening time for even the calmest pet, with huge changes happening to their safe space. All the furniture with familiar smells is disappearing, there are more people in the house, and if you’re using a moving company then these people will be strangers to your pets and an extra cause of stress.

Remember, you will also be stressed and distracted and unable to give your pet the attention s/he needs to feel calm.

Keeping pets separate from the action

Whether you opt to book your pet into a boarding kennel, or to stay with a family member or friend or whether you keep them with you, I recommend keeping your pet away from the action as possible.

If you choose to keep your pet with you, then keeping them confined to one room is a good way of ensuring that they are safe and calm. That way they can’t run away and aren’t needlessly stressed by the extra activity in the house.

Booking your pet into a boarding kennel is the hassle-free way to go, as you have the peace of mind that your fur baby is being cared for in complete safety.

Settling your pet into a new house

Once the move has been successfully completed, all the furniture is in place and things have calmed down, you can introduce your pet to his or her new home.

Make sure you keep a close eye on your four-legged family members and give them lots of attention. This makes the experience a positive one and will help them to adjust to their new environment.

Let your dog explore the whole house, including the outdoor area, with you. If your section is unfenced, you will need to take extra care with your dog to ensure they don’t run off.

For cats, I suggest keeping them confined to one room for a while, letting them out to explore their new home while you stay close for reassurance. Depending on the nature of the cat, it’s recommended to keep your cat inside for at least a week.

Keep pets calm while moving – important takeaways

Make sure moving to a new house with pets is a positive experience by keeping a few key points in mind:

  • Plan ahead what you’re going to do with your pet
  • On moving day, keep your pets separate from the action
  • Surround them with familiar objects to reduce stress
  • In your new house, keep cats confined to one room and gradually introduce them to their new environment
  • Lavish lots of attention on your fur baby

If you’re looking to buy a property or are ready to sell, contact Louise Payne today for a free, no-obligation chat.

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