Real Estate Tips for Whangarei First-Time Investors

So are you looking to buy a property to rent out a place as an investment? If so, congratulations, then, that’s likely a good financial move on your part. But one tip you should keep in mind when purchasing a home to rent-out is that you should know more about your possible tenants, their interests and their demographic. 

Keep in mind when buying a home as an investment rental property, you are responsible for its upkeep and upgrade. That basic consideration alone will cost you money, so it’s always best to have clear picture of what kind of home you are purchasing, if there are extensive repairs or problem areas. Those are just some of things you should not overlook as a first-time investor. 

First-time real estate purchasers in Whangarei have a lot to think about, and I have some straightforward tips that you will find useful in your investment hunt. 

When doing research, trust the data. Also get to know more about the location, where this property sits dictates the demand and price range. 

Set aside your time and energy for house tours –  

For those looking into Whangarei Real Estate, whether as a dwelling or rental, be hawk-eyed on the details. You might spot something of concern or maybe just the opposite like discovering the gem of a key feature in your potential home.  

Note any signs of pests, infestations of any sort, even spots of fungi and black mold. Pests and molds indicate structural problems and moisture leaks.  

Get a lawyer to see your contract. When you are given a real estate contract you have to know what’s stipulated in the sale or if there are any pre-existing implied agreements that might just carry over during a change of ownership. You do not want to end up paying for services or subscriptions, or expensive upkeep services tied to the property that you didn’t sign up for.  

Trust the Whangarei Real Estate Expert 
Embrace your first big step! Whether you plan to live in the property or rent it out, you will need sound and solid real estate advice throughout your first-time home owner journey. And I can help you with that! All you need is to give me a call at 021 432 743 or email 

I know Whangarei extensively and I have successfully negotiated many properties for sale over 15+ years. My track record of happy customers say I make the real estate process easy for them to navigate. Hope I can do the same for you! 

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Stay up to date with my latest news and listings.