The Real Estate Business is About Real Relationships 

When people talk about the real estate business, what often comes to mind are houses, properties, and buildings. This isn’t too far off. Real estate business, after all, includes the buying, selling, or investment of real estate properties. However, there is something that people, especially those who are new in the industry, overlook: building real relationships.

Nowadays, building relationships that truly lasts can be more important than, say, striking a profitable deal. Business thrives based on its connection with the customers that should transcend its bottom-line. This is especially true in the real estate business.

While the work of real property agents is mainly about properties, here at we remember that these properties are OWNED by people, just like you.

Decisions about the property, what to do with it and when to sell are also MADE by people, people with emotions and needs. I understand sometimes a property needing to be sold, can be a sad chapter and not exciting next step, whether due to relationship breakdowns or a loved one passing or just the house becoming unmanageable. Its why I put people first and wont ever undertake hard sell tactics.

As a Whangarei real estate agent for over 15 years, my biggest pride comes from home owners returning to use me as their needs change. I then know that I have not just sold their home but earnt their trust last time around.  

Here are two golden rules I follow with my clients:

1. Communicate and keep my word. 

I believe, communication is crucial in all authentic relationships. This not only means building great rapport, but it also means understanding the other party’s concerns and needs. For me, that means understanding my husband’s needs to fish at 5am o Saturday. But within my real estate role I focus on the client’s needs, not just the sale.

Proper communication also means keeping clients in the loop. From setting realistic expectations early on through to marketing strategy, open home viewings, feedback and offers. I believe this means being transparent from the very start to avoid miscommunication, as such I won’t over inflate your home value to win the listing. When you instruct me to give you a free property appraisal, I will do exactly that, based in robust data, which I’ll provide, I will give you its estimated value. I won’t seek to tell you what you want to hear.

Lastly, If I promise clients something, I will keep my word. When I tell them you I will do something, I make sure to follow up on it. I will show you my commitment, not just tell you.

2. Resolve issues quickly and efficiently. 

If I am undertaking a home valuation and find some issues, it’s very important to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. If issues arise during the sale, the same is true.

Ignoring problems, however minor, is never acceptable and as part of my first commitment I will raise these with you and help resolve them with you. If there are maintenance problems, I have access to an array of professionals to help fix it quickly to avoid any damage but also ensure you obtain top dollar.

To learn more about my home appraisal offer or to get a free Whangarei property appraisal, get in touch with me, Kamo and Whangarei property expert Louise Payne.

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Stay up to date with my latest news and listings.