Tips for marketing your home

When it’s time to put your property on the market, you can gain an advantage by following a few simple tips for marketing your home. From decluttering to sprucing up the entrance to your property, this blog outlines my top tips for getting your property ready for the market.


This is the first thing most real estate agents will tell you when listing your home for sale. While the phrase “less is more” may sound like a cliché, when it comes to getting your house ready to sell, it just makes good sense. When potential buyers come to look at your house the last thing they want to be confronted with is a house full of stuff.

Clutter is distracting. It draws attention away from the attributes of your house. You want to present your home in its best light, where people can see themselves living in it.

Never underestimate the power of a first impression

All real estate agents know how important first impressions are when it comes to selling properties.

I can’t emphasise how important it is to pay some extra attention to the front of your property and the entrance to your home. You’d be surprised how many people are sold on their first impression of a property.

Spend some time standing in front of your house and really look at it. Take note of anything that lets the place down, such as peeling paintwork, unsightly paving or patches of unappealing garden.

Clean carpets and upholstery

Carpet and furniture that is stained or dirty is an immediate turn off to prospective buyers.

Whether you do this yourself or hire a specialist cleaner, I highly recommend you take the time to ensure carpets and furniture are clean. Even if new owners rip out and replace carpets throughout the house, it’s worth spending the time and money to get that carpet clean!

If your furniture is past it’s best, it may be a good idea to replace it or even hire in some furniture.

Time for a thorough spring cleaning!

No one wants to buy a dirty home, so give your property a good clean – inside and out! A clean and tidy house will give a better impression to prospective buyers.

Too busy to do it yourself? Hire a professional cleaning service. Professional cleaners will go through your whole house and give it a thorough clean, making a huge difference to the way your property looks and feels.

Home styling or staging

Why not leave it to the experts and hire a home styling service? A professional home stager will set up each room in a way that highlights the best features of your home. They pay attention to all the small details they arrange furniture and decorations to make rooms feel larger and more pleasant to live in.

Home stagers take the hassle out of presenting your property in the best light and are well worth the cost.

If you’re ready to sell, give me a call. I’d love to be a part of the next phase of your life! I’ll meet you for an obligation free chat over a coffee and discuss your options.

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