What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent in Whangarei

Buying or selling a home can be a long and complicated journey for most property owners. It’s very important to have someone by your side looking out for your best interests. 

There are many ways you can find a real estate agent in Whangarei, Whilst the best route are personal recommendations, they won’t always assure you that you’ll get the quality service you’re hoping for. But how exactly do you choose the best one?  

Know what to look for in a real estate agent with this helpful list of tips: 

Take time to meet your prospective real estate agent. You may spend some time browsing real estate agent profiles online and what they’ve done the past year or so. But it’s always a good thing to meet them in person and get the details of their industry experience firsthand. It’s a good way to know if you are a great fit for each other and if they are comfortable to work with.  

Get out of your comfort zone. The best person for the job may not be within the reach of your social circle. If referrals by friends and family are not panning out, then don’t necessarily rule out agents outside of your network. Some you may find have a good track record to vouch for their credibility. After all, the best real estate agent is an experienced professional who has local market knowledge of Whangarei and listens to your expectations and concerns. 

Do your Research. Get to know the best real estate agents in your area and who knows the local market best? Who can tell you straight up how much houses go for in prime Whangarei neighbourhoods? Ask for references, their past clients and their real estate affiliations and see if they are legit and true. Knowing what past clients have to say about them and their process can help you a huge deal in making that decision to work with them. 

Did you know Louise Payne offers a free no-obligation appraisal service?

Demeanor Matters. Is your real estate agent communicative? Distracted? Or always taking calls during your meet-up? Or the worst red flag, trying to push you into singing a contract with them, without giving you proper time to consider? These are considerable telltale signs that this might not be the right agent for you. A good agent should be asking you pertinent questions about your property goals and timeframes. 

Find the top Whangarei real estate agent in your area to help you with your real estate transactions. For all you know, your dream home might just be around the corner. 

In fact, there are hundreds of real estate agents in Whangarei, but Louise Payne can make a big difference when it comes to your life-changing goals. She’s known for her down-to-earth, friendly and practical approach when it comes to all matters of real estate. She is the professional you can trust. 

Get in touch with Louise Payne today! Call 09 435 3511 or message 021 432 743. If you have specific questions about Whangarei real estate, do send an email at louise.payne@professionals.co.nz 

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Stay up to date with my latest news and listings.