What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Whangarei

Before you start looking for a real estate agent to buy, invest or even sell your property. You might save yourself some grief by doing a bit of research.  It is not an uncommon story which is sad to say that some property owners choose someone to represent them without extensively vetting the credentials or skills of that individual.  

Sure, real estate agents are professionals, however, not everyone is on the same level. As a home owner, you can put yourself at a disadvantage if you end up with a real estate agent that doesn’t  have adequate knowledge of the local market. The ideal real estate agent should have the necessary experience in handling the kind of property you are selling in Whangarei.  

Finding the right real estate agent simply means finding someone who is the right fit for the job. They are someone you can build a strong business relationship with, after all selling a home doesn’t happen overnight, and do you want to leave your biggest asset to chance? 

How does a real estate agent make money? 

Fast fact: Real estate agents are not like the regularly employed folks with a desk job that runs from 9 to 5. They don’t get regular paychecks on the first week of the month. They rely on making a sale to have a steady income, so they are largely motivated to get the best deal for your property.  

Think about it, they will work hard for you and spend a reasonably large chunk of their time getting your property seen and sold. It’s not a simple cut and dry undertaking. So in turn for their service and skills, they are paid a percent through commission from the sale or from any other real estate transaction. 

Get the Best Real Estate Services in Whangarei 

Truth is, a real estate agent will do their best to make their client happy.  It’s not surprising that real estate agents known for their high quality service are very much sought after in their chosen area. In Whangarei alone, property owners often seek the expertise of Louise Payne.  

Louise Payne has more than 15 years experience in the Northland property market. She will work with you on a real estate strategy to get your home market-ready.  She’s reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly. She will definitely keep you informed about the process every step of the way. Expect no gimmicks, just honest and practical real estate advice. 

Louise is a good listener. Let her know about your real estate situation. Get in touch with Louise Payne today, give her a call at 09 435 3511 or message 021 432 743. Louise handles all kinds of real estate properties in Northland and has sold many houses throughout her real estate career.  

Want to know more? Send an email at louise.payne@professionals.co.nz 

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Stay up to date with my latest news and listings.